• W. Austin Gardner

Health report

The oncologist that takes care of me does not believe that the tumors have anything to do with COVID or the vaccination. He is surprised that no scans were done while I was in the hospital with COVID but he can't find any.

I know that the majority will have no interest but for those that do I list the findings. The following is what was found:

Adrenal, left mass is 8.8 X 7.1 centimeters, 3.46 X 2.8 inches. Another mass on the right side is 2.3 X 1.9 centimeters or 0.9 X 0.7 inches/

Right pelvic/inguinal wall mass of 5.4 X 4.5 centimeters or 2.13 X1.77 inches. Another adjacent mass is 2.5 X 3.4 centimeters or .98 X 1.34 inches.

Lymph node 11 X 7 mm or 0.43 X 0.276 inches.

The next step is a PET scan with contrast and a biopsy that will take place on July 8 and 9th. I will meet with the doctor on July 14 to get my next report.

I ask you to pray. I am ready for heaven if that is what the Father wants. I also will ask Him to heal me till He makes it clear He doesn't want to do so.

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