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Gleanings for all men of God

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

If we are going to get the job of evangelization done, we should use the missionary potential of the countries in which we are working. Must we always look for an American to send into a strange land? Should not the workers in the mission fields of all the world be encouraged to take the gospel to neighboring countries also?

Joseph L. Cannon, For Missionaries Only

Every field in the world should be training and sending missionaries, both to their area and around the world. If every church and ministry will train those that they have then we already have enough to reach the world with the gospel message in our generation.

It seems that the Lord put Up with Judas for the sake of the others, even when He knew what Judas was going to do. We do not know who will turn out to be a crook or an immoral person and yet we are called upon to trust our fellow-laborers. Paul was not able to avoid the pitfalls of choosing a companion who turned out wrong. It is hard for us to forget the shame of having been fooled by someone, but we should not be sissies about it. We must be willing, like our Lord and His apostles, to take the sins and weaknesses of others to our bosoms, even though it means a shameful cross to bear. Only in this way will the untrustworthy learn trustworthiness, and only in this way will those who are worthy be seen as worthy. If we withdraw in fears and doubts to protect ourselves from suffering, we will never know who is true to the Lord, and we will never make a real friend. Some missionaries will chop off a native worker the first time he makes a mistake in order to protect himself or his money. Others will refrain from giving native Christians responsibilities that carry the possibility of betrayal. When the Lord knew Judas was going to betray Him for money, why did He allow him to continue as keeper of the moneybox? Think about it!

Joseph L. Cannon, For Missionaries Only

This is a great lesson for all missionaries to learn. You will get hurt and hurt deeply. It costs to love people but is well worth the investment.

To be filled with the Holy Spirit means for us to be so controlled and motivated with the presence and power of the Spirit until our whole being is one perpetual psalm of praise and service to God.

Under the domination of the Holy Spirit, we also are changed persons. We are doing what we never thought of doing. We are saying what we never thought of saying. We are attempting what we never thought of attempting. In God we are different, changed people.

W A Cristwell, The Holy Spirit in Today’s World

I so desperately want to be filled, controlled, and motivated by the Holy Spirit of God. I want to see Him move again like He has in the past. I want to live a life of praise and service.

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