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Getting Free from the Other Prison

Genesis 41:46-52

  • People are locked in more than one kind of prison

  • Many people hurt because they live nursing their hurts in the past to the point that they can't enjoy the present or the future

  1. From prison to prosperity

  2. In one day 41:37-45

  3. He went from a falsely accused prisoner to a respected and honored political and spiritual leader

  4. He went from prisoner and jail worker to second in command of the country

  5. He went from prison clothes to a prince’s clothes

  6. He was given a new name, a wife, and total freedom

  7. God gave great harvests 41:47-49

  8. Though he had achieved success the question would be how did he deal with all the bad things that had happened to him

  9. Brothers that hated and mistreated him

  10. How other slaves or prisoners may have treated him

  11. Being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife

  12. God gave him a son that made him forget his past 41:51--Manasseh

  13. God gave him a son that reminded him that God had made him fruitful in the land of his affliction 41:52 Ephraim

  14. How Joseph had suffered a type of prison

  15. Horribly mistreated by his brothers

  16. They hated him and considered killing him

  17. He was the baby brother

  18. He was only 17 years old

  19. They threw him in a pit

  20. They sold him as a slave

  21. Hauled away by slave traders

  22. What do you think were the conditions in lived in?

  23. How did the other prisoners treat a young boy?

  24. Taken to the home of Potiphar as a slave

  25. Falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife and thrown in jail

  26. His hopes were dashed after he interpreted the dreams of the butler

  27. He lives for two more years in jail forgotten

  28. III.How Joseph got free from the prison of bitterness

  29. A description of the prison of bitterness

  30. Bitterness causes you to blame others as well as your past

  31. Bitterness literally causes you to have to present or future only a past

  32. Bitterness will cause you to be bitter and spiteful

  33. Bitterness will cause you to build walls in your heart

  34. Bitterness will cause you to remember all too well all that was done against you

  35. Bitterness will make you a skeptical person and make it hard for you to trust people

  36. Your bitterness and hurt will cause what happens to you, to become your identity

  37. Bitterness will cause you not to want to forget

  38. Bitterness will cause you to focus on that one thing so much that you begin to be like what you hate

  39. The bitterness will cause you to focus on yourself to the point that it is all about you and nothing about what God is doing

  40. Bitterness and the inability or lack of desire to forgive causes you to be placed in a prison of your own making at the hand of tormenters Matthew 18:34

  41. The sinner seeks forgiveness for himself

  42. The forgiven that can’t forgive

  43. He doesn’t try to blame those who hurt him or seek vengeance only deliverance 40:15

  44. He doesn’t allow what has happened to him to cause a bad attitude etc

  45. He realized that the story of his life wasn’t about him

  46. He doesn’t play the victim

  47. He didn't want his suffering to become the defining moment of his life

  48. Steps you can take today

  49. Remember to change what you think about Philippians 4:8

  50. Though you can’t forget necessarily what happened to you --you can replace the negative thoughts with other thoughts II Corinthians 10:5

  51. It was worth it

  52. God had a purpose

  53. An all-powerful God would not have allowed this to happen if it weren't for His glory and good though I may not understand

  54. Enjoy what you have now--his family

  55. Let your blessings today become dearer to you than your hurts from yesterday

  56. Don't sacrifice the enjoyment of what God has given you today because you are so focused on your past

  57. Decide to forget so that your hurt doesn’t become your identity

  58. Don't allow all the trouble and bitterness to make you sterile

  59. Learn to see the greater purpose--why God used what they did for a greater cause

  60. Forget those things which are behind and reach for the things before you Philippians 3:13

  • Joseph was able to forget all his toil as well as the good and bad of his father’s house 41:51

  • Joseph was able to lead a productive life even after all that had happened to him 41:52

  • God has a great plan for your life and He will use your past to make much of it come true

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