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Get an office and regular hours

One of the major things that I think a new pastor or missionary needs to consider is the need for an office. I was talking with a businessman from our church this week and he very much dislikes having to work from his home. I agree. Over the years I have always tried to have an office. That way I am better able to separate work from family and also to do my job and work in work hours. It is very easy to make two large mistakes when you do not have an office.

You can become way too relaxed about your work and spend too much time with the family–getting off target from your work. It is very difficult to tell your wife that you are busy and at work and can not help her with that problem or project right now. You can also sleep in and watch television and a hundred other things that you do because you do not have a set place and time to work. On the other side you will take advantage of the family because you do not know when your work hours begin and end. You will work all the time and neglect your family. I am sure that I fail more in this way than the others. Your wife will much more enjoy having you as a husband really than knowing that she is always bothering you when she asks you to spend time with her etc.

Get an office and get some regular hours. It will be good for you, your church and your family!

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