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First Funeral

‘But what if C.T. dies?’ This frequent and foolish question must have its answer.

Here it is from C. T. himself, ‘We will all shout Hallelujah.”

The world will have lost its biggest fool, and with one fool less to handicap him, God will do greater wonders still.

There shall be no funeral, no wreaths, crape, nor tears, not even the Dead March.

Congratulations all round will take place. ‘And I, if I be offered up, rejoice and congratulate you; do ye also rejoice and congratulate me.’—Phil. ii. 17 and 18 (Lightfoot’s Translation).

The Wedding March, by special request.

Our God will still be alive and nothing else matters.

The first Heart of Africa Mission funeral will take place when God dies, but as that will not be till after eternity, cheer up all.

Forward! Every man straight before him. Hallelujah! ‘To die is gain.’

“Some wish to live within the sound

Of church or Chapel bell,

I want to run a Rescue Shop

Within a yard of hell.”

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

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