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Expect mists on the mountains

A cavalry leader cannot have all the gifts of an administrator, or he would not have the qualities necessary to lead a charge. In this simple fact is the explanation of the shortcomings some might point out.

If there were these, they were in reality the exaggeration of C. T.’s unique qualities: his courage in any emergency, his determination never to sound the retreat, his conviction that he was in God’s will, his faith that God would see him through, his contempt of the arm of the flesh, and his willingness to risk all for Christ.

But these are only as Froude wrote of Carlyle, “the mists that hang about a mountain.” Men who want no mists must be content with plains. But give me the mountain! It will be but a little while, and, the mists evaporated, the mountain will stand out in all its grandeur.

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

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