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Empty of Self and Full of Him

Genesis 32:22-32

  1. The truth. God had made promises to Jacob for his life

  2. Genesis 25:23

  3. The older will serve the younger

  4. He was going to be a nation

  5. God always has made great promises to all of his children

  6. Abundant live John 10:10

  7. Always causes us to triumph II Corinthians 2:14

  8. His promises are yes and amen II Corinthians 1:20

  9. He will meet all of our needs Philippians 4:19

  10. His sins

  11. He stole the birthright of Esau Genesis 25:27-34

  12. He stole the blessing of Esau Genesis 27

  13. He deceived his father Genesis 27

  14. He deceived Laban Genesis 29-31

  15. He was trying to win the great promises of God in his own strength

  16. Vengeance is coming

  17. Laban coming stops him Genesis 31:29

  18. Esau is coming with 400 men Genesis 33:1

  19. In danger from both sides

  20. He is in a place that is called Jabbok which means emptied or poured out

  21. What we are doing in the flesh will never work out and will only bring us problems

  22. The man

  23. Jesus Christ Himself

  24. He could have finished him off whenever he wanted to

  25. He is going to break every one of us to make us useful to Him

  26. He causes Jacob to see himself 32:27

  27. He causes him to say his name, Jacob, which means deceiver, cheater, liar, trickster

  28. He made him see who he was

  29. Before he claimed to be Esau or whatever name might get him the most gain

  30. Victory in Christ

  31. God broke him so that He could show His power in Jacob’s life

  32. He changed his name to Israel meaning God commands or governs

  33. He died to himself and started to live in Christ Galatians 2:20

  34. Changed the name from Jabbok to Peniel or the face of God 32:30

  35. He was marked for the rest of his life as broken by God, he will always remember God and His power

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