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Do we have a desire to do the work of God?

I Timothy 3:1 This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.

  1. Those that will be used as pastors and deacons will first have a great desire for the work of God

  2. A desire for the work of God shows itself in a desire for a personal walk with God

  3. It shows itself in a separation from the world and sin to God

  4. It shows itself in a hunger to be with the saints of God doing the work of God

  5. A desire for the work of God will show up in the way a man leads his home and family

  6. This is a godly ambition that all should have

  7. Everyone should want to serve God with everything

  8. Every characteristic found for the bishop is for all except the ability to teach

  9. Every man in a church ought to serve God with the same hunger and desire that the pastor or deacon has

  10. There is no super spiritual level or divide between pastors and laymen in the manner that they live and serve

  11. Being a spiritual leader is a good thing, he desires a good work

  12. Serving God or His people is not a burden but a privilege

  13. It is a good work because the spiritual leader sets an example for the others

  14. The leader’s character is the important thing that gives a pattern for others to follow

  15. Life is more about Jesus than any other thing on this planet

  16. Character traits we look for

  17. Do they have a desire to be in church and all the services and ministries

  18. Are they already leading others spiritually

  19. Do they respect and trust the spiritual leadership that God has placed in the church

  20. Has the desire to serve, be faithful, share their faith been evident for a time and not simply a brief phase in their life

  21. Questions every man in a church should consider

  22. Do you have a desire to be involved in spiritual leadership

  23. Do you hunger to see souls saved

  24. Do you hunger to see people growing spiritually

  25. Do you hunger for more of God working in your life

  26. Are you sensitive to the Holy Spirit

  27. Do you just go through the motions

  28. Are you passionately in love with the Lord Jesus and the Word of God or do you just do your thing

  29. Do you desire to live a holy life

  30. Does your wife believe this about you

  31. Do your children see this hunger in you

  32. What reputation have you developed at home, at work, at church

  33. Are you known as someone that loves God and puts Jesus first

  34. Would people think of you as one that is filled with the Spirit of God and wisdom

  35. Would people think that you prioritize the Word of God and the ministry of your church

  36. Would they think you see the spiritual aspects of your church as more important than the practical, physical aspects

  37. Are you a Martha or a Mary

  38. Are you known as a servant

  39. Are you growing in your knowledge of God and His Word

  40. Are you known as an honest man, keeping your word

  41. Do you speak the truth to all factions

  42. Do you speak the truth the truth in love

  43. Are you known as generous or greedy

  44. Do you pay your bills

  45. What is your attitude towards wealth and money

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