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We tend not to believe in demons any more, and even if we give intellectual assent to their existence, we discount their activity. Modern psychology has done much to turn our attention away from demon activity. We have so many other, more plausible explanations today for abnormal and aberrant human behavior. We have phobias, psychoses, and syndromes; we find causes for our depressions and distortions in childhood experience, in sex, and in heredity. Much of that may be true enough, but none of it gives credibility to what the Bible says about demon possession and oppression. We might be very much surprised, if the truth were really told, to discover that demons are as active in the twentieth century as they were in the first.

John Phillips, Exploring Acts: An Expository Commentary, The John Phillips Commentary Series (Kregel Publications; WORDsearch Corp., 2009), Ac 8:6b–7.

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