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Delegate the work, Devote yourself to your family!

To multiply yourself as an evangelist and preacher by training others is far superior to doing things yourself. Look around. Involve others in

the great mission of Christ. The gospel is not just ours, it is theirs. It is theirs to do with as the Lord directs them. Only when they are trained and trusted, trusted and trained, will the gospel take root in the country where we are laboring.

Joseph L. Cannon, For Missionaries Only

Every missionary must be busy teaching others to do all that he or she knows how to do. What you heard from those who taught you is to be trusted to others who will be able to teach even more. Do not allow yourself to do it all. Do not do the work of ten men rather teach ten to do the work.

One of the first hateful experiences of the missionary is loneliness. This is especially true of wives and children. It may be a great adventure for the husband to be out among the people, teaching and making friends. He feels a sense of accomplishment, but this is very different from the feeling of isolation and loneliness with which the wife must battle.

Joseph L. Cannon, For Missionaries Only

We must take of our wives. We are to live according to knowledge. We need to work the hours necessary but take the time to be with our family. After you have put in 60 hours or so you need to take time for your wife, your children. Do not sacrifice your family for your work. The most important disciples and ministry you have is your family.

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