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Dealing with people 2

The Holy Spirit begs us through Paul to speak the same thing or be in agreement. There shouldn’t be divisions in a church among the believers. They should enjoy unity, getting along with each other. Believers are to learn to think the same thing and reach similar convictions or beliefs. I Corinthians 1:10

Too often leaders end up acting like dictators. We want more influence or power. We some how believe we have the right to judge actions and motives. We don’t pay attention and really listen to another opinion with an open mind. We become critical and cut people down

When that happens we backbite. We put others down to make ourselves look good. We act like that is not what we are doing but in effect it is causing division.

We end up finding fault in another, being critical, petty, nagging, making negative comments, blaming others, and getting others involved in disagreements. We should have been building up instead. We are to edify one another, build each other up. I Thessalonians 5:11

Hunt makes the following statement calling them learned behaviors.

You may have unintentionally learned patterns of responding to conflict by following the example of significant people in your life and may be subconsciously modeling your behavior after those who either attack or avoid conflict.

Hunt further states

You can intentionally unlearn a behavior pattern by determining to learn new behaviors and by modeling yourself after people who embrace conflicts as a fact of life and who find ways of productively resolving them.

We must be wise enough to hear, learn, understand and get wise counsel. Proverbs 1:5

God brings us to a place to listen more. He causes us to learn and listen to the wise counsel that God is giving.

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