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Dealing with Frustration

Genesis 40

  1. Joseph is suffering from circumstances that are out of his control 40:15--source of frustration--we want to control everything

  2. He was stolen away, out of his country

  3. He has done nothing wrong where he is

  4. He has been a slave or in jail now for something like 11 years

  5. He has controlled or dealt with what he could

  6. His attitude

  7. Towards his condition

  8. Even towards his master

  9. His work ethic

  10. His continued relationship with God

  11. What is your main source of frustration?

  12. You do not understand why this is happening to you

  13. For the first time, you cannot control nor even predict what is going to happen as a result of your actions

  14. You feel like you are being abused and manipulated

  15. You feel like maybe God isn’t pleased with you and maybe punishing you

  16. He has been blessed but still very limited as a slave or prisoner--we often lose sight of the blessings that we have

  17. He became the main overseer in Potiphar’s house 39:5

  18. He became the person in charge in the prison 39:22

  19. He seems to have gained favor once again, at least to a degree, with Potiphar

  20. The captain of the guard 37:36, 39:1, 40:3-4

  21. Not just the keeper of the prison 39:21-23

  22. He has been given the special job of taking care of the King’s servants 40:4

  23. Have you lost sight of your blessings?

  24. He has taken care of your daily bread Matthew 6:11

  25. Your fears and worries are usually not about today Matthew 6:34

  26. Maybe God has provided for you but it hasn’t been in the way you want or were accustomed to

  27. III.He knows that he is still God’s man, so why is this happening to me

  28. Do not interpretations belong to God 40:8

  29. He interprets the dream of the butler 40:12-13

  30. He interprets the dream of the baker 40:18-19

  31. Maybe he remembers the dreams that he had 37:7, 9

  32. Maybe he remembers what he had and lost 37:3

  33. Maybe he remembers how hard he has worked and yet it seems to have produced nothing

  34. He kept a good attitude as a slave

  35. He even kept a good attitude after being put in prison after being falsely accused

  36. You have been faithful to God all this time

  37. You stay in your Bible and prayer

  38. You are faithful to worship and honor God even with your ever diminishing goods and money

  39. You feel like Job and would like to just have an opportunity to ask God why

  40. You have good intentions and have been doing right even when others didn't

  41. What Joseph did with his frustration--dealing with your frustration

  42. He obviously kept his relationship with God

  43. He kept doing what he knew to do where he was

  44. He met the needs of others even when he didn't see that his needs were being met or worried about

  45. He presented his case to the butler who would soon have the ear of the Pharaoh

  46. He didn't accuse anyone

  47. Not his brothers

  48. Not Potiphar’s wife

  49. He simply asks for a review of his case--taking the obvious means at hand to present his condition

  50. By handling the things that God has placed in front of him he will eventually get deliverance

  51. What if he had shown a bad attitude

  52. What if he had served in a rebellious manner

  53. He kept believing and waiting on God

  54. That is obvious from the story--he was blessed by God

  55. He still knows that God gives him the interpretation

  56. This is the actual gift that God will use to finally promote him though he still has no idea of that

  57. Trust God to know that He will only do what is best for you

  58. Looking back everything that Joseph has been through is preparing him for the future God has for him

  59. Interpreting the dreams will open the door for him so the investment in others will bring a return

  60. Just do right and the best you can where you are

  61. An opening or need is coming that you are being made to fill

  62. Remember that God has a plan for your life that you can not see or understand

  63. Know that God will work it all out for good Romans 8:28

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