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Dealing with Anger in our lives 7

God helps us with our insecurities. I am sure that you remember that many of our anger problems come from our insecurities. We are trying to protect ourselves, what others think of us, how others treat us.

We are commanded not to be afraid. God has promised that He is with us. He is our God. He will strengthen us. He will help us. He will hold us up with His right hand. Isaiah 41:10. The Lord is our confidence. Proverbs 3:26 I have failed in believing that and acting on it. How about you?

He loves us. We are not just anybody. We are not to live in fear when He is our dad, daddy, Abba. He has made us joint-heirs with Christ. Romans 8:15-17. I get insecure because I forget who I am in Christ and how much He loves me.

Too often, we are insecure because we are working harder to please men than we are to please God. We want to do right and make proper decisions because that is what God calls us to do. Proverbs 21:3

God is more pleased with our obedience than our sacrifice. I know you want to serve and honor God. We need His grace and security. We do not wish to continue to fail Him or embarrass Him. We love Him more than life itself.

I have tried to please men way too much in all of my life. I am always worried about what they are thinking. God forgive me for this prideful show of sin.

We all have to choose to please God or man. We can’t do both. This has been a real struggle for me Galatians 1:10. I want to be loved; maybe you do as well. I hunger for the love and respect of others, and when I don’t get it, I am hurt and frustrated. I wonder if you, too, might see that as one of the sources of your anger.

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