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Dealing with Anger in our lives 2

I am not worthy of friendship if I am an angry person. People ought not to hang around with others who seem to live in anger. It is easy to learn to be like them. It is contagious.

When we get to be an angry person, we lay a trap to entangle ourselves. Proverbs 22:24-25.

We all want to influence people for God and good, so we must learn to control our spirits.

I don’t believe that any of us want to be this angry and furious person the Bible talks about. It causes us to lose friends, hurt people, and that hurts all around.

The counselor speaks of our misconceptions about anger. She answers the following question:

Question: “Can people be really angry even when they don’t look or sound angry?”

Answer: Yes. Many have difficulty expressing or even recognizing their emotions. Instead, they have learned to deny, ignore, or repress their anger by burying it deep within their hearts. However, it is not hidden from God, who sees it and understands it.

She uses the following example that I think describes me in the past:

Example: “I never get angry … maybe just a little irritated at times.”

I should refrain my tongue from saying anything evil, ugly, and my lips should never tell anything less than the complete truth. I should hate evil and seek peace. I Peter 3:10-11

I think another example she used describes me, the short fuse!

Provoked anger … the “short fuse.”

… is quick and impatient, instantly irritated or incensed. A testy temper is often expressed with criticism or sarcasm under the guise of teasing.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 needs to be our watchword. We are not to be quick to get angry, hurt, or upset. For it is the fool who holds that stuff in.

Moses had been an angry man but learned, and when 250 of the people arose against him, he went to the Lord. He didn’t react. He allowed God to set things right. Numbers 16:15

What we all need is wisdom. We need to cry after knowledge, beg God for understanding, seek both as though they were real earthly treasures. If we do that, we will understand the genuine fear of God and find the knowledge of God. God gives wisdom. We have to spend time with Him in His Word to get it. Proverbs 2:3-6

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