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Deacon Ministry

  1. Ministries our deacons should and can be involved in

  2. Call on people who are in the hospital.

  3. Visit new people in the church.

  4. Meet the needs of hurting people or those going through trials.

  5. Arrange help for the widows.

  6. Regularly call on members, reviewing their spiritual condition, devotion and tithing habits.

  7. Entertain people in the home.

  8. Work with people who are not disciplined in finances to encourage them to become better stewards.

  9. If you are considering being a deacon you should make sure that you are displaying the servanthood characteristics of a deacon

  10. Is this man serving others rather than himself?

  11. Is he helping those in need?

  12. Is he calling on those that need encouragement?

  13. Is he encouraging the leadership?

  14. Is he willing to do the most menial tasks in the church?

  15. Are you looking for power or prestige

  16. Do you realize the amount of work a good deacon should be doing

  17. Where are you already serving

  18. How is your personal daily walk with the Lord Jesus

  19. How are you leading your family

  20. Is your wife on board and serving just like you and as you intend to serve

  21. Do you tithe and give to the ministry of Vision

  22. Can you explain Vision’s Biblical position on all major issues

  23. How is your marriage, thought life

  24. Can you see how God has prepared you spiritually to serve as a deacon?

  25. Is your pastor enthusiastic about you serving? Remember, this is a team activity. If you have issues with the pastor, it may not be the wisest choice to serve.

  26. Since your wife will be highly involved in hospitality and counseling, is she in complete agreement with you serving as a deacon?

  27. Have other godly men suggested you serve as a deacon?

  28. Have you been through foundations and are you currently involved in foundations with someone

  29. Do you understand the definition of a church: A local church is an organized body of believers that have been born again by the Spirit through the blood of Jesus Christ, immersed upon confession of faith, and who have banded together to follow Christ, observe the ordinances, fulfill the great commission through evangelism and discipleship.

  30. Our main purposes are:

  31. To evangelize the world in our generation

  32. Doctrine- the systematic teaching of God’s word.

  33. Fellowship- interaction between believers.

  34. Breaking bread- the Lord ’s Supper.

  35. Prayer- dependence on God.

  36. God gave the church both pastors and deacons

  37. As deacons you will lead by:

  38. Lead as a spiritual man, demonstrating this in personal preparation for services, warmth of fellowship, friendliness to strangers, respect in the community, etc.

  39. Lead as a caring man for the needy, personally helping those who have needs.

  40. Lead as one who is a disciple maker.

  41. Lead as one who shows hospitality in the home.

  42. Lead as one who can organize others to good works.

  43. Deacons are the caretakers of the membership. The body of believers in the membership would be divided among the deacons. Each deacon would be responsible to care for his membership group.

  44. How can deacons care for our members

  45. Meet with our people

  46. Find out how they are doing in their spiritual lives

  47. Get them involved in discipleship

  48. Help them have family devotions

  49. Help them get involved in ministries of the church

  50. Meeting ideas

  51. Listen to them

  52. Let the person know you believe God has something to say about it.

  53. Gives you time to think about it and pray.

  54. Gives you time to consult with the pastor.

  55. Allows another time to get back with them, building the relationship.

  56. Things to remember when dealing with problems

  57. Recognize reality- most people with problems are not facing the truth.

  58. Realize the resources- God has multiple ways to help you.

  59. React responsibly- Don’t panic. Determine to do the right thing.

  60. Always give them a portion of scripture to memorize. Remember, the Bible promises success to those who hide God’s Word in their heart. You cannot beat it.

  61. Realize the power of prayer. I believe that if you and the person counseled will regularly ask for God’s help specifically, God will answer that prayer.

  62. Temptations to avoid

  63. Money

  64. Money is the power to get what we want.

  65. Money is not bad, but the love of it is dangerous.

  66. Do you live on what you have?

  67. Do you carry over credit on your cards?

  68. Do you know contentment?

  69. Do you want all the overtime you can get?

  70. vii.Is your greatest pleasure in buying things?

  71. Do you give benevolently?

  72. Are you tithing?

  73. Women

  74. pornography

  75. Kindness from a woman can be taken wrong. The woman doesn’t even know she is enticing you.

  76. Appreciation. When men serve, women respond with appreciation. Sometimes the appreciation at home is taken for granted and not expressed, and this new appreciation can lead to wrong conclusions.

  77. This kindness or appreciation leads to infatuation. Infatuation is imagining something that is not there. It is letting your mind wander into lustful thinking. The truth is never found in infatuation. This will consume your mind. Beware of the lies of infatuation.

  78. enjoy the wife of your youth. Make plans to court your wife. This should be part of your life purpose.

  79. Think biblically. Remember, you cannot do better than God’s Word says. Follow it carefully.

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