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Culture Shock and Adapting to a new field, part 3

You are responsible for your thought life. You decide what to think. When you believe God-honoring, Biblical thoughts, you will be successful in your new endeavor. When you fail to bring your thoughts into captivity to Christ, you allow Satan to build strongholds in your mind that will later destroy you and your ministry if you are not careful.

  1. Do you fully know and understand that your marriage and family are your vital ministry?

  2. Most of all, you must take care of your personal walk with the Lord, or you will be unfit to help your family.

  3. Your wife, relationship, and her walk with God must be your main priority, even before ministry, family, and only after your personal walk with God.

  4. You must train your children to love and serve Jesus. They will develop your attitude, so ensure it is an attitude you want to reproduce.

  5. Have you died to yourself so you can deal with typical, to-be-expected, main frustrations?

  6. For the first time, you are not respected or treated with the respect you had in your former life.

  7. You feel like a child and hate the way no one can see who you are.

  8. You feel helpless because others do so much for you that it frustrates you endlessly.

  9. Are you falling into the spiritual traps you know are wrong and want to avoid without being reminded?

  10. Comparing ourselves among ourselves is not wise.

  11. We are not in competition with our brother in Christ.

  12. We fear what pastors or other men think of us to the point of pleasing men more than pleasing Christ.

  13. Do you resent others because they are not doing what you are doing?

  14. No one seems to realize just how hard what you do is. You do not feel that they respect you like you thought they did and would. You feel forgotten on the backside of nowhere.

  15. You must focus on the fact that you serve the Lord Jesus. Your brothers serve Him also. It is not ours to judge, condemn or criticize others.

  16. If you are not careful, you will develop a critical, arrogant spirit because you have made yourself the priority. You know better than this, so do not do it.

Austin Gardner

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