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Culture Shock and Adapting to a new field, Part 2

Stinking thinking makes for a stinky attitude. Time to evaluate our thought life daily as we deal with culture shock and our adapting to a new field.

  1. Do you remember your calling?

  2. You surrendered to do what you felt God called you to do.

  3. Do not doubt in the night what God showed you in the light.

  4. Be careful to seek God and keep your eyes on the prize.

  5. Are you faithfully working on the language?

  6. Just because you get through language school doesn’t mean you have arrived or can relax.

  7. Are you letting your pride hinder you from spending time with other people because you do not want to be embarrassed?

  8. Are you reading the newspaper or watching the news in your new language to constantly get better in the language?

  9. Are you keeping control of your schedule?

  10. Remember 70 hours is the max work week, including church time, drive time, devotions, etc. All of it!

  11. If you sleep 56 hours a week and work 70 hours a week, that will leave you over 40 hours for yourself, your family, and you to recuperate.

  12. Don’t over work yourself, frustrate yourself, or feel guilty about working if you work your schedule.

  13. Do you work at having fun with your family?

  14. Sometimes it is challenging to find activities. Consider joining the country club or other clubs where there will be opportunities for family day.

  15. Compensate for the lack of activities the best way you can.

  16. Plan a calendar that makes your children love where you are and what you do.

  17. Are you accepting or rejecting your new reality?

  18. Are you trying the new foods? To reject the food is to reject the culture. To reject the culture is to reject the people.

  19. Do you find nothing nice, all dirty, nothing to do?

  20. Do you see that they do everything wrong?

  21. Is it too hot, cold, dusty, dry, or humid?

Austin Gardner

Society of Mentors

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