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Continue serving in these last days

Amid all the wreckage of civilization today one thing stands eternally certain: the purpose of God will prevail. We see not yet all things put under Him, but we see Jesus.

The God-Man, God’s men, and God’s message are bound to win. Some may object by saying that there are more heathen now than ever, that there is more sin than ever, that the world is farther from being converted than ever. That is just another proof of the truth of our proposition.

God’s Word never said the world would be converted but that perilous, not prosperous, times shall come in the last days, that evil men will wax worse and worse, that because lawlessness shall abound, the love of most will wax cold. And it declares that just as the God-Man Christ Jesus came on time when first He came in grace, so He will come on time when He comes again in glory.

I would warn you, however, on one point. Just because God’s plan and purpose are sure to win does not mean that you are to sit idly by and watch it win. God works His plan by working His people. The God-Man finished His work as our Saviour, but the proclamation of that finished work is not finished. God’s men grow on, but we can help them grow on in a thousand ways. God’s message grows on, but it grows as we go to take it and to send it.

Vance Havner, The Best of Vance Havner

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