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Characteristics and behaviors of Great Teachers

  1. They come prepared to teach!

  2. Take the class seriously enough to have studied

  3. Pray for your class and think of them

  4. Remember to Learn the truth

  5. Then learn the student

  6. They get from one side of the great gulf to the other

  7. The best teachers are approachable.

  8. They are warm and friendly

  9. They are vulnerable and transparent

  10. They are passionate.

  11. They really believe what they teach and it is obvious

  12. They are enthusiastic

  13. They communicate the truth clearly

  14. Great teachers do not teach more.

  15. They tend to teach less but with more focus

  16. They teach one big idea

  17. They are focused

  18. Great teachers stimulate interest

  19. Make eye contact

  20. Change your voice and tone

  21. Great teachers involve the students

  22. Get them talking

  23. Get them participating in the class

  24. Help them learn to study

  25. Help them teach the same truth

  26. Great teachers value and respect their students

  27. Teach them to cause them to learn and want to continue learning

  28. I am going to learn you a thing or two

  29. Show them how

  30. Build on what they have already learned

  31. Make sure the lesson is applicable to them now

  32. Remember the following with teaching

  33. They need to feel safe in your class.

  34. No one will make fun of them or hurt them if they speak

  35. They need to feel the lesson, take it to their heart

  36. Challenge them.

  37. Don't make things easy or it seems unimportant

  38. Stretch them

  39. Show them something that they don't know.

  40. Make it a learning time

  41. Help them learn the Bible study methods and use them

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