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Careful how you act in problems!

Will He be honored by the way you are acting

Exodus 14, 14:13-14

  • In this story, Israel is caught between a rock and a hard place—the old life that will destroy them and the problems before them

  • Maybe you feel like the walls are closing in on you right now

  • Maybe you are doubting if you did the right thing in deciding to serve God

  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the pressure—the bills, the ministry, and life

  • Maybe you think that the new problems are harder than the old ones

  1. God brings exactly the problems He needs in my life, to honor and glorify Himself 14:4

  2. Amazingly, God speaks to Moses and tells him to go where He knows that they will face a great problem 14:1-2

  3. Is God speaking to you before you face problems?

  4. Do you have a faithful time in the word and prayer each day?

  5. God then hardens Pharaoh’s heart 14:8

  6. God wants to be honored upon Pharaoh 14:4

  7. But to honor Himself on Pharaoh He has to put Israel in danger

  8. To honor Himself in your life He will often put you in danger and in situations, you do not understand that will bring Him glory

  9. God wants to be honored upon all the hosts of Egypt 14:4, 17-18

  10. He wants to show His power over the greatest military might in the world

  11. He wants to further embarrass the false gods of this world—10 plagues

  12. God wants the lost world – Egypt to know that He is the Lord God

  13. What are you doing to get Him known in the lost world?

  14. Are you willing to let Him work in your life any way that He needs to so that the world will know He is God?

  1. He wants me to see His power and trust Him 14:13

  2. The Egyptians are upon Israel and Israel is afraid 14:10

  3. How do you react when your greatest fears and problems attack you?

  4. You can’t pay your bills

  5. You worry so much that your chest hurts

  6. Am I going to get married?

  7. Israel longs for its life in sin and thinks it was better than now 14:11-12

  8. Have you thought of quitting school?

  9. Have you thought about how much better-lost people have it than you?

  10. God says Fear ye not 14:13

  11. Fear has torment and yet we fear against His will I John 4:18

  12. Love casts out fear

  13. He has not given us a spirit of fear II Timothy 1:7

  14. God says stand still and see my salvation 14:13

  15. Salvation is all of God

  16. Overcoming our problems is all the power of God

  17. God promises them complete victory –they will see them no more

  18. Satan will be bruised under our feet shortly Romans 16:20

  19. We go from triumph to triumph Psalms 84:7, II Corinthians 2:14

  1. He wants to be honored, glorified, and known 14:17-18

  2. From the beginning of the chapter, God says I will be honored 14:4

  3. He wants honor from your life

  4. Whatever you are going through is not to hurt you but to honor Himself I Corinthians 10:13

  5. He knows you will be able to bear it

  6. He will give you an escape

  7. When you are weak then He is strong II Corinthians 12:9-10

  8. The word Lord is used 17 times in only 31 verses not counting personal pronouns 12 times

  9. He wanted the lost world to know that He was the God 14:18

  10. He wanted His own people to know that He was God 14:31

  11. He wanted to grow the faith of His people 14:31

  12. They saw the great work

  13. They feared the Lord

  14. They believed the Lord and His servant Moses

  • What are you dealing with?

  • Can you trust Him to get you through the Red Sea or whatever problem you are facing?

  • Will you live and act in such a way that He will be honored and glorified?

  • Will you whine and complain or will you stand still and see His power?

  • Come cast all of your burdens on the Lord I Peter 5:7

  • He is waiting with arms outstretched to meet your needs Matthew 11:28-30

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