• W. Austin Gardner

Cancer update 2

The PET Scan only showed three tumors. Two are large and cancerous. The cancer is a recurrence of kidney cancer nine years ago when I lost my right kidney. The doctor said possibly some cells escaped and caused this cancer at the scar from the previous surgery.

The good news is that it reoccurred after years; I am healthy, haven't lost weight, so that means it should be treatable with a reasonable rate of success. I will receive IV immunotherapy treatments once a month. I will also take costly pills each day, high copay. There will be side effects, but I will be able to deal with them.

The most excellent news is that I will be here with my family and still be able to travel and preach.

I will have the first infusion next Wednesday. Lord willing, I am going to Spain on the first of August.

The medicines that I will be taking are, Cabometyx and Nivolumab. My insurance must approve the medication before I can start!

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