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C. T. Sudd describes his wife to his mother

His description of her to his mother was very illuminating:

“I suppose you want to know about her. Well, to tell you the truth, I can’t tell you much except about her spiritual life and her life before the world; I don’t even know her age, but guess she is some years my junior, don’t know though.

She ain’t very big, and as regards her face, well, she has the beauty of the Lord her God upon her, which is worth more than all the beauty of the whole world.

She writes a very good letter, all about Jesus, and naturally a big hand except when she has a lot to say; and she can run up and down stairs a tremendous pace; she can also play the harmonium or organ and sing a bit, but her voice wasn’t wonderful in Shanghai.

She’s very fond of the Salvation Army hymns (so am I), and of the Salvation Army too (so am I), and she doesn’t fear the face of man or woman a little bit, I do believe; but just fires away at everybody she meets about their souls.

I haven’t got a photo of her at all, so I cannot give you even a guess at what she is like, probably Georgie is a better hand at such descriptions and will be able to satisfy your curiosity.

“Oh! I know one thing more; her name is Priscilla Livingstone Stewart, and she calls herself ‘Scilla’ (rum name, ain’t it?) Why not ‘Pris.,’ I don’t understand, but then she’s ‘Oirish.’ ”

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

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