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C. T. Studd's love for his future wife

“Now that about the wedding garments brings me to a very practical question, viz.: No smart wedding clothes for us—just our ordinary clothes, as plain as can be, and I am for being registered at the Consul’s and then having a real Hallelujah meeting, just something all for Jesus.

We are strangers and pilgrims here, and I vote we have a real pilgrim’s wedding.

“I love you for your love to Jesus, I love you for your zeal towards Him, I love you for your faith in Him, I love you for your love for souls, I love you for loving me, I love you for your own self, I love you for ever and ever.

I love you because Jesus has used you to bless me and fire my soul. I love you because you will always be a red-hot poker making me run faster. Lord Jesus, how can I ever thank Thee enough for such a gift?”

Norman Grubb, C T Studd

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