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Breaking our Pride 8

Pride is when we get lifted up. We begin to act like we are somebody. We quit being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We stiffened our resolve, our self-awareness, our pride. Nehemiah 9:16

We play the comparison game like Job did. We do not feel inferior to those that are criticizing us. We tire of being mocked. We want to defend ourselves. We compare our failure with others instead of considering what God might think. We stop esteeming others as better than us. When we think of this sin, it is embarrassing to see how we could fall into it! Job 12:2-4

We end up sinning with our mouths. Our tongue gets out of control. That is what was happening in the story of Job. He told his accusers precisely that. Job 15:5-13

We need to remember that it is never about our heart’s desire but His! We need to quit feeling secure in what we have done and know that only through the Lord can we enjoy true success. Psalm 10:2-6

God hates our stuck-up attitude. Psalm 18:27 He hates it when we treat others with contempt and say hurtful things. Psalm 31:18

God will reward us for our pride. Psalm 31:23

Somehow we excuse our behavior till we are caught. We think too highly of ourselves Psalm 36:2

Our mouths catch up to us. We are taken in our pride. Psalm 59:12

Before long, we are caught up in our pride and begin to talk like we are somebody. Psalm 73:6-8

We talk down about others. God hates that. He will not put up with this arrogant pride Psalm 101:5

Our pride separates us from intimacy with God. God loves the lowly, the humble. Psalm 138:6

We all want to be very close to the Lord, so let’s constantly repent of our pride, recognize our need, watch and pray, lest we enter into the prideful attitude that is so harmful to our intimacy with God.

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