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Breaking our Pride 7

The more blessed we are, the stronger we get, the more we get lifted up with pride. That pride brings our downfall. We step out of where we are supposed to be operating. We take too much on ourselves. God steps in and stops us because we begin to live and operate outside His power and will. The fall comes after the pride lifting us up. II Chronicles 26:16-21

David Sorenson said: Some of the major pitfalls of success and power are pride, arrogance, and forgetting how one achieved high position.

I know that I have fallen in this area. I have allowed myself to feel lifted up. I need more time every day to realize just how great God is and how much I need Him. I need to be careful to focus on the fact that God is doing the work not just in what I say but what I feel in the deepest recesses of my heart.

The comparison game that some of us play causes us to think that we have had more to do with our success than is biblical to think. That is what Hezekiah did. God blessed, yet he forgot to focus on his unworthiness and God’s greatness. He was lifted up in pride. That angered God that Hezekiah would take the glory and honor for what God had done. II Chronicles 32:25

God has been extremely good to us. He has blessed us beyond measure. We have not given back to Him in accordance with the way He has treated us. Instead, our heart has been lifted up in pride. We begin to think that we are something instead of remembering that We are nothing. We have failed God.

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