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Breaking our pride 6

We need to learn that it is God that moves and makes us in so many ways. We speak arrogantly and exceeding proudly when we forget that God kills and makes us alive, takes us down and brings us up, makes us poor or rich, and decides how high or low we go. I Samuel 2:3-9

I loved the following sermon outline that I read called the “Doctrine of Arrogance!”

Arrogance is the promotion of self rather than obedience to God.

Arrogance is referred to also as pride or self-sufficiency.

This describes the basic orientation of the sin nature.

Humility in the Scripture is the opposite of arrogance.

Arrogance is the assertion of our authority against God’s, whereas humility is submitting to God’s guidance.

Humility is a product of grace orientation.

Arrogance is always related to self-centered goals: it is all about me.

Humility as submission to God also rejects arrogance and arrogant speech.

Arrogance is a gateway sin to all manner of other sins.

A warning: one of the most insidious forms of arrogance is pseudo-humility.

Our arrogant pride slips into our life very sneakily. We never wanted to be that guy. We preach against it. We know that God is in charge. The Lord looks at our hearts. He knows what our inner motivation is. I Samuel 16:7.

We know that God looks on the proud and haughty with plans to bring us down. II Samuel 22:28

It is so easy to think highly of ourselves when we start, but the goal is to live and do right till we finish. We must be constantly aware of the attack of Satan and how he will bring pride into our lives. 1 Kings 20:11.

Let’s stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to keep us focused on the Lord and not ourselves.

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