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Breaking our pride 5

Many of us have been complacent and self-satisfied with our lives and our spiritual progress, and before God can spur us on and bring us to His fullness, He has to work in our lives in such a way that we cry out for God to meet our needs.

So, the first thing is that God uses failure to empty us of our pride. You know, I have to mention that the same God that makes you hungry is the same God who feeds you. You know, the only time God makes me hungry is not to mock me, not to make fun of me, not to see me writhe in hunger pains, but so that He might feed me, and He said He provided them with manna that they did not know nor did their fathers know.

God uses failure to expose us to the wickedness that’s in our hearts.

It wasn’t that God wanted to find out what was in their hearts. God knew. He wanted them to know what was in their hearts. And friend, God knows what is in your heart. He knows whether or not you’re going to keep His commandments. He knows that! But, you don’t know it.

God uses failure to educate us as to the true values in life.

God earnestly desires that we never say or think that we have somehow accomplished things in our strength. We are to remember that He has given us the power, the ability, to get wealth. We are never to forget the Lord our God. We are never to serve other gods. We are to be obedient to the Lord our God from the heart. Deuteronomy 8:17-20

There is a great temptation to think that our success is what we have done. We all want to think highly of ourselves. From this lesson, let us learn continuously to be careful to give God the honor and glory for what He does.

In a sermon by Charles Swindoll entitled “Self-Reliance makes you forget your Dependence on God!”

He says, “I consider the most dangerous heresy on earth the emphasis on what we do for God instead of what God does for us.”

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