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Breaking our Pride 2

Have you ever thought that every problem, heartache, etc., that you have has a purpose? God just might be proving you. What does it take to make you quit? What does it take to make you back up? Do right. Do not allow anything that happens to get you off track.

God took them where they would need Him. He allowed them to get hungry. God then fed them with a miraculous food called manna. He did that so that man would understand that he needs the Word of God.

God, through Moses, tells His people to be careful that they not forget who it is that has done so much for them. He warns them that they will enjoy what He has done for them and forget Him, even though He did it!

He said that they would eat and be full. That is that they would not be lacking anything.

They would have houses that they didn't build, but rather He gave them. They would be successful in the farming and ranching efforts.

But they would forget Him. He brought them out of slavery. He was giving them the promised land. He was pouring out His blessings on them.

The danger was that success would breed pride, and they would be lifted up.

The question for me today is, Do I recognize that God has done so much for me?

Do I remember where He brought me from? Do I know what I would get if He were not kind and gracious to us?

Have I become lifted up in pride because I think that I blessed myself? Do I believe that I have made myself and not God?

Did my apparent prosperity cause me to grow proud and cold towards God? Deuteronomy 8:11-14

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

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