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  • W. Austin Gardner

Breaking our Pride

God hates the sin of pride. God told Israel that He would break the pride of their power. Leviticus 26:19. They seem to have forgotten that everything they had was a result of God's goodness. It doesn't take long, though, to begin to think that we are the one that has brought about our success. We begin to get prideful of the power that God has given us.

He is warning His people that He can make all their future efforts worthless. He is the one that gave the blessings, and He can take them away as well. It is not the amount of work that we have done but His blessings that made us.

How prideful have we gotten? Our pride causes us to have a wrong attitude towards others. We begin to have an attitude that says that we are good, that we deserve our success, that we achieved our success.

God has a way of bringing us back to Him. He has a way of humbling His people. This humbling never feels good but is necessary. Without Him, we are nothing. When we think we are, then we are without Him. So we need God's discipline in our life. Let's break easily. Let's bow and humble ourselves so that He can continue to bless us and work in our life.

God takes His people through hard places of trials and testings to humble us. He tests us so that we can see what is in our hearts. The test shows whether we will obey Him or not. God humbles His people. He allows hard times, even hunger, so that He can prove His faithfulness to take care of us. We don't even realize what He is doing when He is so profoundly at work in our lives. Deuteronomy 8:2-3

God wanted His people to remember all that He had done in their lives. He had led and directed them for forty years. God had used those forty years to prove who He is. He humbled them. He was showing them their need for Him. God had been testing them to see if they would obey Him. God knows what is in their hearts, but He puts them in situations that reveal their hearts to them.

God is at work in your life. You often do not realize what He is doing. God is also testing you. He is finding out if you will obey Him or yourself. He wants you to see what is in your heart. You claim to love and honor Him until it costs you something.

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