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Biblical Communication 9

We are warned not to allow our mouths to lead us into sin. We can’t blame what we say on anyone else. We are responsible for what comes out of our mouths. Our words can anger God. He will not let us get away with abusing people with our words. This means we will have to work at thinking before speaking. We will have to realize that what we say has consequences that can be very unpleasant. Ecclesiastes 5:6

Not sure about you, but I have spoken foolishly and been so stupid. I have not been wise in my speech. As I study and prepare for this, I want to be more Biblical in my communication.

We need to keep our communication simple. We need to mean what we say. Yes, means yes and no means no. We only make things worse when we try to use religious talk to cover what we think. Let’s be honest, tell the truth, and make sure we say what we know will please God. Matthew 5:37

Now for one of those verses that cut deep. Matthew 15:19. We speak like that because it is what is in our hearts. The heart is the problem more than the mouth. We think evil of others. We even lie to ourselves, in our hearts, about others. We make fun of others in our hearts. When we talk, it is like we are vomiting up what we have inside of us.

The sad reality is that our heart has been the problem. If we had guarded our hearts, we would not have fallen into this sin. We look good on the outside, but we have a heart problem that we have to confront to move further into maturity. We even preach His Word but somehow don’t let it sink into our hearts as it should. If we get our hearts right, we will be able to control our communication. I am tired of allowing my heart to deceive me. I want to worship in spirit and truth. I want to keep a heart full of godly thoughts. Let’s work on our hearts and the transformation and renewing of our minds.

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