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Biblical Communication 4

Psalm 59:7 says that the people are belching with their mouth and have swords in their lips. God we never want to have a sword in our lips or mouth unless it is your Word. We are sorry that we have cut and hurt people with our mouths, our remarks, our self defense, our arrogance, our antagonistic way of speaking. We repent and hate ourselves for ever being this way. Please help us live differently.

Psalm 64:8 God makes people fall on their own tongue. They use their tongue. That included me and you to hurt others and then it happens to us.

We must be super careful with our speech and communication. We need to be ever praying that God will set a watch on our mouth and help us keep our lips. Control our speech. Not say what we shouldn’t say and only say what we ought to say. Psalm 141:3

We are told to put away the perverse mouth and lips or in other words the crooked and devious speech and talk. We are to quit talking out of both sides of our mouth. We need to stop the gossip and white lies, the careless banter that we engage in. Proverbs 4:24

So often we hate but hide it well. Then we lie with our lips and slander others. That makes a fool out of us. The more we talk the more we sin. If we were wise we would control our lips. Liars are haters. Fools slander others. The more they talk the less truth there is. God’s people think about what they are saying. Proverbs 10:18-19

Are we hypocrites using our mouths to destroy our neighbor, our brother in Christ. Loose tongues of godless people destroy others. If we will just live in Bible knowledge we can have victory over this speech sin and horrible hypocrisy. None of us that love God really want to destroy another. Proverbs 11:9

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