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Biblical Communication 3

Many of us know what it is to hear the slander, the whispering, the talk on the streets, the furtive glances of people. It causes fear and insecurity. People seem to be taking counsel together against us. They seem to be looking for ways to take our life, destroy us. That is what David is feeling in Psalm 31:13. Many of us have felt the same but we never want anyone else to feel like we are doing that to them. So no slander, no seeking to hurt another but rather let us love them like Christ loves us.

We want to keep our tongue from evil. We never want to use guile which is craft; cunning; artifice; duplicity; deceit. We need to speak clearly and say exactly what is meant. Psalm 34:13

Whispering about another person kind of shows our hate for them. Or at least that is what people that hate us do. They try to plan our destruction. They imagine all they can to hurt another. We are never to hate anyone. We are not to hurt anyone. We want to keep our mouths under control. Psalm 41:7

Why would we sit around speaking against another brother? Why would we slander our own brother in Christ? Psalm 50:20. God convict us when we speak evil of one of our own brothers in Christ. They are never our enemy. They are not our competition. They are family. God forgive us all for sinking so low.

Help us to speak from the heart. It is not a question of saying nice things unless they come from the heart. We can speak sweetly when there is war in our hearts. We can have soft words and weapons pulled at the same time. Psalm 55:21. We can’t live looking for a fight and be right. We can’t act like petulant children. Help us grow and mature and speak loving words from a loving heart.

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