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Biblical Communication 2

All of us want to develop the testimony that David had. He was “prudent in matters!” That refers to his attitude, his character, his speech. David knew how to conduct himself well in front of others. 1 Samuel 16:18

When we slander someone we make them look bad in the eyes of another. Often the slander is a lie told to damage the reputation of another. We do not want to hurt the reputation of others with our words. II Samuel 19:27

I love the word God uses in Job 5:21. The scourge, the lash, of the tongue. That is the word He uses to refer to vicious gossip. The goal was that God would hide His people from the horrible injustice that happens when the tongue is used as a weapon to destroy. Job 5:21

As believers our goal is never to hurt our neighbor or others. That is why we do not want to backbite, which is another word for slander. We do not want to find fault or accuse our neighbor no matter what others may say. It is not right to discredit someone without even thinking about what we are saying or doing. Psalm 15:3

So our goal will be that the words of our mouth and even what we think about in the privacy of our heart will be pleasing and acceptable to God. We serve God. Would I want to use those words if Jesus were present in the conversation. Psalm 19:14

We want the meditation of our heart to be pleasing to God. We must admit, however, that we often have a very wrong thought life. To paraphrase a friend on Facebook; I sometimes like to wallow in guilt and shame. I like to think of myself as a failure. I like to see where I don't do a good job. I sometimes seem to like the masochist feeling of self inflicted pain. I doubt myself. I play mind games.

The real problem is that as my friend said I am insulting the finished work of the cross where my sins were taken care of. I am not under condemnation. I am supposed to glory in the forgiveness that I have in the Lord Jesus.

I must believe and remember that He has taken care of my sin and failure. I must learn to control my thoughts and place them on the Lord Jesus and what He has done!

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