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Biblical Communication 16

We all want to be an example to other believers in our word, lifestyle, love, spirit, faith, and purity. I Timothy 4:12. We want to use the type of speech, sound speech, that no one can condemn. We want to speak so that they will find nothing we have said to use to condemn us. Titus 2:8

We do not want to speak evil of anyone, no insults, fussing, and fighting as believers. We want to be gentle, big-hearted, and courteous. Titus 3:2

Our biggest battle is going to be to get control of our tongue. If we do not bridle our tongue, then our Christianity is very shallow. We end up deceiving ourselves about how spiritual we are. James 1:26

We are not to bad mouth anyone. We are not to say ugly things about our brothers. We are not to judge them. When we lift ourselves to judge another, we violate the law and say the law is wrong and evil. Who do we think we are when we get into the judging business. James 4:11-12 It is willful arrogance, full of self when we start judging others.

So let's decide to lay aside, put away, clean out the wickedness, the deceit, the hypocrisy, the jealousy, and all the way we slander, use hurtful talk, and speak evil of another I Peter 2:1

Let us quit talking about loving someone and start loving them. Let us stop the talk and start showing the action of love. Christians are so adept at talking love while inadequate in the way we love. Let's practice love more than preach love. I John 3:18

We want to do more than stop being ugly in our speech. We want to begin being sweet in our talk. We want to express love, show love, be kind. We want to forgive and forget. We want to love others as Jesus has loved us. We want to treat others like He has treated us.

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