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Biblical Communication

We spend the majority of our lives speaking and interacting with others. Our speech has often hurt people. The following studies will simply be the Bible verses about speech, words, the tongue, gossip, slander, and every other word that this leads to. Our goal is to go to the the Scriptures and engraft them into our hearts so that we stop doing what we shouldn’t and start living out who He has made us.

Biblically we are to lay apart anything that isn’t right and pleasing to God. We are to accept, receive with humility, the engrafted, implanted word that God would put in us. This will make us live like who we actually are in Christ. James 1:21 We want to practice what the Word of God says. We know so much but often live out so little. James 1:22

It is so easy to get convicted of our sin and see our failure, consider it, repent from it, and then forget what we have done. When that happens we do not become a faithful doer of the word but rather a forgetful hearer. James 1:24-25 The emphasis here is that we get our tongue under control. Because without controlling our tongue we are simply deceiving ourselves and pretending to be what we may not even be. James 1:26

We do not want to be the type of believer that gives false reports. We do not want to hook up with people that are spreading untruths. Exodus 23:1

The Bible calls this type of person a talebearer, a slanderer. We are not to hurt our neighbor. Often people are hurt by the stories we tell. We may repeat what is not even true. We are bringing great damage on another. So we should keep what we know to ourselves unless it needs to be shared to help the other person, but never to hurt another. Leviticus 19:16

Remember how Moses sent out the spies to search the land. They returned and whispered everywhere that they would never be able to take the land God had promised them. They slandered the land, gave a bad report, and false rumors. Apparently they died by by a plague. Numbers 14:36-37

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