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Being an Effective, Efficient Servant

  1. The biblical relationship between the word deacon and servant

  2. The word deacon means servant I Timothy 3:8, 12 There are several greek words used to describe this service

  3. Servant Matthew 22:3-6 speaks of a slave

  4. Minister Ephesians 3:7

  5. Deacon I Timothy 3:8, 12 helper

  6. The called, the seven deacons in Acts 6 are not called deacons but their type of service causes them to function in this manner Acts 6:1-4

  7. Biblical principles that we see with this service

  8. We must serve with the right attitude Psalm 100:2 The service must be given sincerely or without a divided heart Matthew 6:24 Luke 4:8 The service must be based on obedience and commitment John 12:26 We must serve in spite of difficulties Acts 27:23

  9. We must serve with a spirit of love Galatians 5:13 We must serve others as though we were serving Jesus Himself Ephesians 6:7

  10. We must serve with the gifts that God has given us I Peter 4:10-11 This service must be given faithfully I Corinthians 4:1-2This service must be given voluntarily I Corinthians 9:16-17

  11. Conclusion

  12. The deacons are servants of high spiritual qualities and caliber I Timothy 3:8-13 The deacons as servants “use” the office of deacon I Timothy 3:10, 13

  13. The deacons who serve well will be spiritually rewarded I Timothy 3:13

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