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Becoming a Better Teacher!

  1. Being a teacher means you are under stricter judgment. People are watching you. They see what you are doing. You teach more by what you do than by what you say! James 3:1

  2. A good teacher is a faithful, consistent follower of Jesus Christ who gives an example to be followed. Philippians 3:17

  3. Being a Bible teacher is a Life commitment.

  4. If you are not faithful, you can’t teach others to be faithful.

  5. Your actions speak louder than your words.

  6. Every teacher ought to desire to be a better teacher and be actively working on improving Philippians 3:13-14

  7. Ability + opportunity = responsibility

  8. Every Christian should desire the opportunity to teach others.

  9. Good teachers don’t just happen. We have to work at it.

  10. The teacher is the key to success in any Bible class.

  11. The success or failure of a class ultimately lies with the teacher.

  12. Every Bible teacher should realize how much we need God to work in and through us as we teach.

  13. Ask God for help. You have not because you ask not.

  14. Make prayer a regular part of your daily life.

  15. Pray for your students and all that is going on in their lives.

  16. Be a personal student of the Bible, not just a teacher.

  17. Work at learning more of the Word of God and, more than anything, see how you can practice what you learn.

  18. Your students will soon decide if you are a hypocrite or not. They are watching you.

  19. Get so full of what you will teach that it spills out of you.

  20. You should be very excited about the time with your class and, even more than that, what you will be sharing with your class.

  21. There should be a fire and passion in you as you speak of God, His Word, that your students can easily see is very real to you.

  22. Not everyone can teach.

  23. We do not have the same gifts and abilities.

  24. As a teacher, you must not only learn what the Bible says. You must communicate it in words and ways that they can understand.

  25. That will really only work as it works in and through you. You really can’t separate the teacher from what they are teaching.

  26. It must be lived to really be taught.

  27. If it is real to you, then it will show in your life, and then the teaching of it will simply be overflow.

  28. You must study

  29. You have to know what you are teaching. You must know the truth.

  30. This is not general knowledge or idea, but you have dug down to get what the Bible is saying in the passage you are teaching.

  31. You must work hard at studying. If you do not make time to study, you really should give up being a teacher.

  32. Always make the Word of God the authority in your class. Do not say, well to me this means!

  33. Stay away from opinions or traditions.

  34. Good teaching calls for sacrifice.

  35. You will have to sacrifice your time to study, maybe miss some fun things, spend money to get some tools to study.

  36. You must give time to study, to meditate, to pray.

  37. You must sacrifice to be dependable. This is more important than your job. It is the work of God.

  38. You might have another job, but it is to give you the funds to do the job that is of eternal value.

  39. Don’t come in late to your class-it tells everyone in the class what you think of the class.

  40. Some teachers will miss more than be there even when they committed to teach.

  41. Sacrifice to love and like those you teach no matter how difficult

  42. Get control of yourself.

  43. Your life, your teaching, and your person should demand and receive the respect of your students.

  44. Be confident, firm, courteous, kind, and considerate.

  45. Keep yourself under control-don’t get mad at the students.

  46. Be in a good mood no matter what is going on around you.

  47. Never allow yourself to think that you are a good enough teacher.

  48. Practical steps to improve yourself

  49. Constantly analyze yourself and your class, participation, attention.

  50. Record your class. Listen to yourself. Listen to them

  51. Accept criticism

  52. Grow spiritually

  53. Work on using new things that you are learning. New ways of communicating the truth

  54. What to do when

  55. Do not be afraid to say that you do not know and that you will get back to them later.

  56. Offer to meet outside of class to discuss further things that someone is dealing with

  57. If you notice your attendance dropping, you need to analyze yourself quickly. Please do not blame them for not being spiritual.

  58. If you notice that they lose interest, come late, etc., then again, you need to find out what you can do to be more effective. Get participation. Ask questions.

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