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Be careful about the customs of the day

Even the more educated are prone to either identify or associate greatness with large establishments … but it is not God’s standard” (Chapman).

We learn an important lesson here about being taken in by the popular customs of the day. “Danger attends all who conform to customs not based on strict principles of purity and godliness. Fashion cannot make righteousness … Christians should severely scrutinize the moral quality of the circumstances and habits in which conventional usage allows them to live. This can only be done by making use of tests absolutely given by God apart from the coloring which custom is apt to give even to the Divine laws” (Chapman). Check the customs of the day with the Word of God before you accept and conform to them.

John G. Butler, David: The King of Israel, vol. Number Fifteen, Bible Biography Series (Clinton, IA: LBC Publications, 1998), 477.

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