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An Overnight Success

Genesis 41

  • The dreams--7 fat cows eaten by 7 skinny cows, 7 fat ears of corn eaten by 7 skinny ears

  • The dreams cannot be interpreted by the “lost” magicians

  • The butler finally remembers Joseph

  1. From the prison to the palace hastily 41:14

  2. Given just enough time to get shaved and cleaned up before he was in the presence of the Pharaoh 41:14

  3. Made 2nd in command to Pharaoh 41:40

  4. People were caused to bow down to him 41:43

  5. Given new clothes and a gold chain 41:42

  6. Given a new name and a wife 41:45

  7. Given complete freedom 41:45

  8. To the outsider, it might appear that Joseph has become an overnight success just don't forget the story

  9. He dreamed as a 17-year-old boy that God would make him a leader 37:2-9

  10. He was sold into slavery 40:15

  11. He was falsely accused of a crime

  12. He was forgotten by the one he helped 40:23

  13. Remember that his diligence has always taken him to the front Proverbs 22:29

  14. Diligence speaks of hard work, skill

  15. Diligent means steady in application to business; constant in effort or exertion to accomplish what is undertaken; assiduous; attentive; industrious; not idle or negligent; steadily applied; prosecuted with care; careful.

  16. He becomes the leader as a slave or in the jail--where ever you put him, he comes to the front

  17. Overlooked steps on the road to the promise

  18. Kept a close personal relationship with God

  19. Joseph assures Pharaoh that God will give him an answer 41:16

  20. Joseph tells Pharaoh that God is showing him what He is about to do 41:25

  21. Joseph tells Pharaoh that God is about to do something in his kingdom 41:28

  22. God establishes and causes things to happen according to Joseph 41:32

  23. Pharaoh can tell that Joseph has the Spirit of God in him 41:38

  24. Pharaoh realizes that God has shown things to Joseph 41:39

  25. Joseph says that God has caused him to forget his past 41:51

  26. Joseph realizes that it is God that causes him to be fruitful 41:52

  27. Learned patience and endurance

  28. It has been 13 years since he dreamed his dreams 37:2, 41:46

  29. He has waited, forgotten by man, for 2 full years 41:1, 9

  30. The godly is to glory in tribulations because tribulation will work patience into our lives Romans 5:3-5

  31. Patience or endurance will give us experience

  32. Experience (character) will give us hope (faith, expectation, anticipation, confidence)

  33. Hope will cause us not to be ashamed and cause the love of God to be spread

  34. Kept an expectant attitude--hope Romans 5:4

  35. Learned the correct response to those in authority over him

  36. Potiphar, the captain of the guard seems to have forgiven him and recognized once more that God has His hand on Joseph

  37. The keeper of the jail recognizes something special in Joseph

  38. Pharaoh only recognizes what Joseph has been showing for 13 years now

  39. Knows that the entire story is about God working in his life and in the life of the Pharaoh

  40. How often do we look at circumstances and wonder where God is and what He is doing?

  41. How many times do we blame God for working out His will in our lives?

  42. He had learned that it was not about him or in him 41:16

  43. He had learned how to make the spiritual practical and applicable 41:33-36

  44. III.Practical lessons for your life

  45. God is at work in your life though you may not see it today

  46. He is building the character in you to cause you to be useful to Him Romans 5:3-5

  47. He is teaching you lessons that you will use in the place that he has for you

  48. Administration

  49. Leadership

  50. When you are weak then is He strong II Corinthians 12:9-10

  51. A major lesson is to learn to honor God when things aren’t going well

  52. Joseph never lost his close relationship with God

  53. His attitude never turned against God Job 2:10

  54. Learn all you can from the lesson you are being taught today

  55. Never quit looking for the blessings that God is bringing your way

  56. Learn who your life story is really about

  57. While God does not give expansion or breadth go for depth II Kings 19:30--you take root downward and let Him give fruit upward

  58. At the right moment, you will be brought to your position of blessing

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