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Am I ready to teach

  1. Am I ready to teach?

  2. Before I teach I should thoroughly examine myself.

  3. I should not teach others until God has taught me the lesson that I am teaching

  4. I can not expect my class to grow in their walk with the Lord if I am not doing so

  5. I must remember that I can never take my students where I have not already been

  6. Have I bathed my lesson in prayer?

  7. I must pray for myself before I prepare the message and as I prepare the message

  8. I need to ask God to help me rightly divide the Scriptures as I prepare to teach

  9. Prayer shows my utter dependence on the Holy Spirit of God to do the work in my class

  10. Pray for your students that God would already be working in their hearts even before they get to the class

  11. Have you asked God to do the work in you from the passage before He does it in the students

  12. Do I know who and what I am teaching for?

  13. It is for Him not even for the students

  14. It is to honor and glorify God

  15. Questions to ask yourself as you prepare the lesson

  16. What examples are there to follow from this lesson

  17. What are the commands that we should obey

  18. What are the mistakes or even sins that we should avoid

  19. What Biblical principles do I find in this lesson to live by

  20. Bible Study Methods--Ask yourself the following questions

  21. What is the text saying—read the passage many times to know for sure—do not forget to get the whole context

  22. What does it mean?

  23. Why did He write it?

  24. How should I respond to these truths?

  25. What difference will this make in my life?

  26. Teaching the lesson

  27. Ask yourself what is the best way to present this subject

  28. What object lesson can you use

  29. Memory verse

  30. Story to tell

  31. Drama that the kids can get involved in—also the adults

  32. Thoughts on story telling

  33. Know the story real well

  34. Never read it just tell it

  35. Add details

  36. Be descriptive

  37. Be enthusiastic

  38. Get the students involved

  39. Prepare some visuals

  40. Act out the story

  41. Lose yourself in the story

  42. Move around

  43. Change your voice

  44. Make sure to look every student in the eye

  45. Think back over the lesson

  46. What could you have done better

  47. What caught their attention

  48. Think over how you controled the environment

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