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Actual steps to restoration

With all the background study in mind I think that you will understand what I consider to be the very important steps to restoration 1. The person needs to take the time to write out their testimony of failure in detail. Not to have a record of proof against them but rather to study and think about what caused or led to their failure. David did not fall into sin with Bathsheba in one swift move but rather there were a series of failures that we can clearly see that led to his failure. If we know the steps that led to his failure we could as they say "nip it in the bud". When we see the steps that lead to failure we stop it long before it becomes a strong temptation. That means what happened first, did he slack up on his Bible reading and prayer time? Did he hold some bitterness in his heart? What steps led him down the path of destruction? 2. I would have him go through the Bible and write down and study every verse that applies to his sin in particular. He needs the mind of God on his sin. What would the Bible say about what He has done. If he can see what God thinks about the particular sin maybe he can develop a hatred for the sin that will cause him not to fall into the same sin again. 3. Now we will begin the Bible study but before we do let me remind you that you will be expected to spend a great deal of time with this person. He needs love, comfort and friendship right now. He feels like a failure. He feels like no one loves or respects him now. You must practice "life on life" discipleship. It is more than a lesson it is a life. He must know that he has been received like the prodigal son was received when he returned home.

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