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A yes face

he tells the story of Thomas Jefferson, who was with a group of companions riding horseback cross-country when they came to a swollen river. A wayfarer waited until several of the party had crossed and then hailed President Jefferson and asked if he would carry him across on his horse. Jefferson pulled him up onto the back of his horse and carried him to the opposite bank. “Tell me,” asked one of the men, “why did you select the president to ask this favor of?” “The president?” the man answered. “I didn’t know he was the president. All I know is that on some of the faces is written the answer ‘no’ and on some faces is written the answer ‘yes.’ His was a ‘yes’ face.”

A “yes” face that says, “Thank You, Father, for finding me when I wasn’t looking . . . for loving me when I wasn’t worthy . . . for making me Yours when I didn’t deserve it.”

Grace. It really is amazing!

Charles R. Swindoll, Great Lives: David (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1997).

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