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A More Excellent Way—Love 6

We are to have a love that shows in our actions. I John 3:16-18. We are not to talk about love but to love in deed and truth. Real love acts.

He challenges us to have fervent charity. To love and not see the multitude of sins. Love makes up for practically anything. I Peter 4:8-9.

Often we feel love but do not seem to be able to express our love. It is almost taboo to love anyone outside your family, at least openly.

Love stops comparing. Comparison causes jealousy and envy.

Love is grateful. Love praises the other person and doesn’t seek either for itself. If we love, we will not be self-seeking in our friendships, families, and churches.

When everything is about us, it is because we do not love properly. If we love others, we will be concerned about the things that they are concerned about. We will seek the best for them. We will want the best for them. We will desire that things go well for them, almost more than they would choose for themselves.

A great way to say I love you to those around you this year is to love them so much you will not get easily upset or irritated with them. You are not acting loving when you are easily provoked.

Once evil begins to invade our thinking, it will soon affect our actions. If we think evil of others, we are not loving. If we keep a scorecard of all the times they have done us wrong; we are not loving. The Lord, our Father, loves us and does not hold all the wrongs we have done. If we confess them, they are forgiven and forgotten.

I ask myself some questions now. How am I demonstrating the love of Christ? Am I doing things that embarrass and dishonor others? Am I easily provoked and irritated? Do I enjoy when others do wrong and fail or when people do right and live right?

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