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A More Excellent Way—Love 5

Loving like Christ means that I will not seek my own. Love will seek the best for others and is concerned about what is going on in the other person's life.

Christlike love is not easily provoked; it doesn't get upset, angry, or irritated easily. Often we get most angry and annoyed with those that we claim to love the most.

The more excellent way is not to think evil. We should always assume the best until proven wrong. We choose not to keep score on wrongs done. Love covers while hate stirs. Proverbs 10:12. This love does not allow the evil someone does to affect our thinking and the way we show love.

Christ-like love does not rejoice in iniquity. This love does not get happy about someone else's sin or failures. This love doesn't even rejoice when an enemy falls. Proverbs 24:17-18. Love does not enjoy telling someone off or pointing out their wrongdoing.

Biblical love endures. It bears all things, even the fiercest storm. This love withstands the pressure. Floodwaters can't quench charity love. Song of Solomon 8:7

Love believes all things. It chooses to trust the other person. This love will never lose faith in someone. Love always thinks the best about someone. Love does not ignore reason and discernment, but it sees everything in the best light and does not suspect the person.

Christlike love hopes all things. Love never gives up hope for them. This love endures all things. Love will persevere in the face of unpleasant circumstances. Love will hang on in the face of opposition.

Everything else will fail but not love.

The most valuable thing you can give anyone is the love of Christ. Let God work in us so that we begin loving with the love of Christ.

Love never lets go. If it does, it was never love at all. Love can hurt, but love gives. Love may cost us much, but it has given us more.

Lets us remember that the greatest commandment was to love God with all that is in us, and the second is to love our neighbor. Matthew 22:36-40

How do people know that we are His disciples, by the love we have one for another John 13:34-35

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