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A More Excellent Way—Love 4

How do we express the love of Christ? We suffer long, are patient, and show mercy even when others continue to do us wrong. If we love this way, we are reflecting what God is doing with us. We sinned greatly against Him, but He remains so patient and merciful towards us.

We express His love when we show kindness. Kindness is giving the other person what they do not deserve. That is what God did in Nehemiah 9:17. God was ready to pardon, forgive, be gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness. God didn’t turn His back on His people even though they deserved it.

We are to learn that type of kindness towards each other. We are to be tenderhearted and forgiving, just like God has been with us. Ephesians 4:32.

How often have we been envious, jealous? To express God’s love, we will want what is best for the other person instead of worrying about ourselves. Envy is the enemy of love and will desire to destroy the person who gets what we want.

To express the love of Christ, we will give up boasting, bragging, and praising ourselves. Love brags on the other person. God wants us not to be puffed up, inflated with pride and our self-importance.

Pride drives a wedge between us and others. Pride keeps us from being genuine, honest, and transparent. Pride will blind us to our faults and the pain we cause others.

As I was preparing this, the Holy Spirit has once again dealt with my pride. How horrible our pride is when it rises up in us. I am again convicted. I do not know how this little study affects you, but I am certainly affected again. I repent of my filthy pride.

When we love as Christ loves, then we will not behave unseemly, or in other words, love doesn’t dishonor or embarrass. Love will always act in the best interests of the other person. Love will consider the tastes, interests, and feelings of others.

I know that you and I both want to love as Christ desires us to love. Pray with me that I will love like Christ.

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