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A Mama’s Mistaken Love

Genesis 25:19-23

  • Mothers exercise a great deal of influence over their children

  • Jochebed the mother of Aaron and Moses, was greatly used by God

  • She risked her life to save the life of Moses Exodus 2:2-3

  • She obviously took advantage of every day of his preschool life teaching him

  • He had a greater purpose than to be called the son of Pharaoh Hebrews 11:24

  • That it would be a privilege to suffer with the children of God Hebrews 11:25

  • Somehow, Moses understood the difference at such a young age of the eternal and the temporal II Corinthians 4:17-18

  • Do you fall into the trap of thinking that your preschool child can’t learn life-changing lessons?

  • Athaliah was greatly used to cause her son to do evil II Chronicles 22:2-4

  • We teach by our practice and by our precepts

  • Our words as well as our actions

  • Other moms didn't teach them “wickedness” but surely very wicked conduct

  • Rebecca teaching Jacob how to lie to and deceive his dad Genesis 27:6-13

  • Herodias used her daughter to kill the man of God Mark 6:19-24

  • Your role as a mother is not just to keep your children out of trouble or get them a good education but to prepare them to serve God

  1. Showing favoritism Genesis 25:28

  2. Their favoritism will cause them to lose both sons Genesis 27:45

  3. Love your children for who they are and what they are even if they are very different

  4. Favoritism for one hurts all, including the favorite

  5. Joseph was the favorite

  6. The brothers sell him into slavery

  7. Live with guilt the rest of their lives

  8. Teaching your child how to lie and deceive Genesis 27:8, 13

  9. Her son still had a conscience even as she taught him to lie and cheat Genesis 27:12

  10. God will now have to break Jacob from being the deceiver, trickster, supplanter because he begins to think that his success is due to his ability to lie

  11. Parents should be in agreement about how to raise and train their children and discuss any differences calmly and in private

  12. Using the children to manipulate her husband

  13. She knows that Esau is going to kill Jacob and so she plots a way to get her husband to send him away and save his life Genesis 27:42-46

  14. It is wrong to be in rebellion against your husband Ephesians 5:22

  15. Being one flesh is about a lot more than sexual relations

  16. Talking bad about your husband in front of the children or allowing them to disobey him is wrong

  17. Think of how Rebecca destroys her family and loses both sons

  18. Even the son that stays home will be the grief of mind to his parents Genesis 26:35

  1. Examples of good teaching by the mother

  2. Timothy’s mother and grandmother taught him the Scriptures and Salvation II Timothy 1:5

  3. Teach your child “law,” what to do and not to do Proverbs 1:8

  4. Love your child in a very special way Proverbs 4:3

  5. Treat each child special-all are different and need something special from mom

  6. Show great tenderness but never let that keep you from disciplining them Proverbs 13:24

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