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A letter from Spurgeon to his students

Today as I read the history of Spurgeon's Pastors' School I found the following and wanted to remind you of the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit of God. The students in the College in 1875 received these earnest words from their suffering President: —. “Dear Brethren, “I feel sure that you have all stuck to your studies diligently; and my prayer is, that the Holy Spirit may sanctify your human acquirements by a double measure of His anointing. Your power lies in His grace rather than in natural gifts or scholastic acquisitions. Without the Spirit, you will be failures, and worse; therefore, pray much, and see to it that your whole selves are: in such a condition that the Spirit of God can dwell in you; for in some men He cannot reside, and with some men He cannot work. Let the channel through which the living water is; to flow be both dear and clean. “I feel in an agony when I imagine any one of you going forth to preach unendowed by the Spirit. The Lord alone: knows how I have the work of the College on my heart, and what exercises it has cost me; and, verily, if souls are not won, churches are not built up, and Christ is not glorified by you, I have lived in vain as to the master-work of my life. I am not able to discover any motive in my heart for originating and carrying on the College, but a desire to glorify God, and to bless this generation by the promulgation of the pure gospel. For this end you came into the College; do not miss it:, any one of you; and yet you will do so, it the Spirit rests not upon you. Be not content till Pentecost is repeated among you. “Yours very heartily, “C. H. SPURGEON.”

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