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10 Life-Changing Facts About ForgivenessPosted By: Gail Brenner

I needed what i read in this post. I want to challenge you to read it by the few excerpts here.

1. Forgiveness is life-changing. Just like me, maybe you’ve been holding onto a grudge for a long time. If so, you know how it seeps into your thoughts and dominates your emotions. The grudge sits in you like a big, heavy lump of steel that refuses to move. But start to get serious about forgiveness and make peace your priority, and your life will change. You’ll be more free, more open, and more available to enjoy yourself.

2. Forgiveness is about you, not about anyone else. Forgiveness is a process that opens your heart and gives you peace of mind. If you are stuck in hate and bitterness, you are the one suffering. The letting go that constitutes forgiveness untangles the knot in you so you feel happier, lighter, and more present. You’re no longer living in distressing stories and painful emotions. 3. Forgiving doesn’t mean you approve of bad behavior. 4. If you’re having trouble forgiving, you still hold the belief that what happened shouldn’t have happened. 5. You’re hurting yourself more than anyone else. 6. You don’t need an apology. 7. Forgiving supports the health of your body. 8. You’ll probably need to express your feelings. 9. You may not need what you think you need. 10. It’s empowering to forgive.

This was taken from Gail Brenner. Go read the entire post.

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