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Our Story


In 1988, God led me out of the pastorate and to the mission field of Peru, South America. Moving to the foreign field was one of the most exciting, yet fearful times of my life.

When I arrived in Peru, the country was in the midst of a twenty-year period of turmoil which resulted in the loss of over 70,000 lives.  As a fearful newcomer, I found myself desiring to be continually surrounded by the young Peruvian men in our church. Little did I know how God would use that time together for His glory. This small group of men developed a great hunger for the Word and the ministry.

Eventually, these men became pastors and continued to train others. Over the next two decades, the ministry multiplied. Many more men were trained, over 50 churches were started, and several Peruvian missionaries were sent to other countries around the world.

In 1998, the Lord opened the door for me to begin to train and mentor American missions students in Peru. Soon I found myself spending the majority of my time with these students. We dreamed of seeing the whole world reached with the gospel and frequently discussed what could be done to accomplish the task.

As our vision for the world grew, we began to pray about training and sending missionaries all over the world. It became apparent that God was leading me back to America to start a training center for missionaries.

In 2006, the Lord led me to start Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, Georgia. God immediately began to send students to train for missions. After our first student was ready to go to the mission field, we began Vision Baptist Missions in 2009. 

Since that time, God has continued to bless the church, training center, and mission. There are now over sixty missionary families serving with Vision Baptist Missions, Vision Baptist Church has given over 2 million dollars to world missions, and the Our Generation Training Center has grown beyond the capacity of the church facility.

Twenty years have passed since those early dreams in Peru, and much has been accomplished.  But we still dream about God using us to evangelize the entire world in our generation.  To complete the task, we must train more missionaries than ever before. We need a place, a “Center for World Evangelism”, which can facilitate an ever-expanding training center and mission.

We are launching out into the deep. We long to see God’s name glorified through making disciples and planting churches, completing His command to go unto the uttermost with the gospel. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

Check out Alignment Ministries.

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